The ACT is accepted by most colleges and universities for admission. The ACT measures achievement in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science
    The SAT and ACT are significantly different tests, and in many ways, they measure different skills. So, depending on a student's particular strengths and weaknesses, they may perform much better on one test than the other. As a result, many students embarking on the admissions process are now considering both the SAT and ACT to figure out which test provides a better showcase for their abilities.
    The ACT is only given at State High twice per year on the December and April national test dates. Test dates for 2023-24 are here.
    The SCASD SAT Coordinator, Ms. Jennifer Scudder, can be reached at jls68@scasd.org
    For more information on the ACT and to register online click here.

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Last Modified on September 1, 2023