PSAT TEST DATE 2023 - Wednesday, October 18th




    Preliminary SAT /National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test 

    The PSAT/NMSQT is typically administered only in October at State College High School.  Juniors considering college are encouraged to take this test as practice for the SAT.  Sophomores also may take this test as SAT preparation. The score report shows correct and incorrect answers, question by question, offers valuable feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and gives advice regarding how students can improve their SAT scores.  
    PSAT scores enable you to do the following:
    1.  See correct answers and explanations
    2.  Get a personalized SAT study plan
    3.  Search for colleges
    4.  Explore majors and careers
    5.  Learn about scholarship programs
    6.  Take a personality test
    7.  Learn about their AP course/exam potential
    Students attempting to qualify for National Merit status MUST take this test the year before they graduate. For most students, this is junior year. 
    Go to the CollegeBoard/PSAT Website to learn more.
    The SCASD SAT Coordinator, Ms. Jennifer Scudder, can be reached at jls68@scasd.org

    PSAT Test Prep


    PSAT Score Report Information  

    Go to: psat.org/myscore

     PSAT Score Review 2023


    Accessing PSAT Scores

    • Studentscores.collegeboard.org

    1. Create a College Board account by choosing “Sign up”

      1. If you already have an account (if you have already registered for an AP exam, you already have an existing account) select “Log In” and provide your username/password information.

    2. DO NOT USE your school email.  Use your personal email address

    3. The information you enter when you create your account MUST MATCH EXACTLY with what you have entered on your bubble sheet on test day.

    4. If you already have an account using your school email address, you can change it at any time in your “Account Settings”.

    5. Check if all the information is correct and choose “Confirm”

    6. Results from the most recent College Board exam will be listed first.

    If you cannot access your scores:

    • Students who made a previous College Board account can check “Account Settings” or click “Matching Tool” to check that all information is correct and that required fields are complete.

    • If no scores are available - call the PSAT/NMSQT HELPLINE @ 866-433-7728, between 8-4 pm (busiest times are 11:30-1:00 pm)

    Email Helpline: psathelp@info.collegeboard.org


    Understanding your PSAT Scores

    Overview of your score

    1. The total score is the sum of your 2 section scores (Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math).

    2. Section scores

      1. Green: Meet or exceed readiness for college

      2. Yellow: Approaching college readiness

      3. Red:  Need to strengthen your skills

    3. Projected test scores

      1. How would you expect to score if you took the SAT under the same conditions

    4. Scores details

      1. Test scores (break down your performance in each section)

      2. Cross Test Scores (how well you solve problems related to science, history, and social studies)

      3. Subscores (show your strengths across different subject areas)

    5. Test Questions

      1. All correct answers, your answers, level of difficulty, access to test questions, and explanation of answers.

    6. Skills Insight

      1. Provides insight into your skills and suggestions for improvement

    7. NMSQT

      1. Academic competition.  Eligibility is determined by test scores.


    Personalized SAT Practice at Khan Academy

    1. Login or Create an account

      1. Use your personal email

    2. Follow the prompt to link an account to the College Board

    3. Sign in to a College Board account

    4. Hit “Send” to authorize the College Board to send test scores to Khan Academy




Last Modified on September 1, 2023