State High Fitness Club

    Club Meeting Agenda: Follow this link for meeting agenda. (LINK TO BE ADDED)

    The objects of this club shall be:
    a) Promote individual, group, and community fitness in high school.
    b) Provide a space and an opportunity for healthy activities.
    c) Provide information, advice, and encouragement for those interested in fitness. 


    President: Lola Espinoza

    Vice President: Keira Schreiber

    Treasure: Annie LaMotta

    Secretary: Eloise Allen

    Media: Harper House 

    FITNESS CLUB MEETINGS: Fitness Club meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of each month in the Fitness Center.  


     Email Mrs. Swauger if you have any questions.


    FITNESS CLUB FORMS: Please complete the form that corresponds to your current grade level and email or take into the fitness center at your next workout.

                               Freshman Club Form        Sophomore Club Form         Upperclassman Club Form


    SUNGLASSES SALE: $10 for a sporty or 80's style custom shade!  Check the main page for the link to what they look like.  See Mrs. Swauger if you are interested in purchasing.

    The High School Fitness Club is open to any certified high school student interested in Health, Fitness and Athletic Performance Training. All students using the Fitness Center must be on a consistent exercise program that's designed with their personal fitness or athletic goals in mind.
    The Fitness Club is currently open for registration every day after school (however a 'wait list' will be started if it gets full), so if you are interested, please come by or email and sign up.  The goal will be to continue to get as many students safely into the rotation as possible. 
    Students who would like to sign up for Fitness Club need to be certified and hand in a signed permission form before they can participate. Students need to speak with Mrs. Swauger to complete all forms.   Students may hand the form in on their first day of participation, it must be filled out and signed by a parent or guardian.

    FITNESS CLUB ROTATION: Fitness Club members can utilize the Fitness Center Monday through Friday between 3:45 and 6:30pm. 
    (Please note: the color rotation is not being used at this time.) 
    January to May fitness club members can participate when their color (Maroon and Gray) is listed, Monday through Friday. (The rotation will begin TBD.) The color listed first meets from 3:30-4:45 and the second group meets from 4:45-6pm.  The color that is first will rotate from week to week.  Please check the Calendar tab on the left for the current Southside schedule.  Check which group you are in by speaking with Mrs. Swauger.
    Contact club advisor Mrs. Swauger (dcs24) if you have any questions.

    Do you have a passion for fitness? Would you like to help others use fitness to help them mentally, physically and socially?  Then we are looking for YOU! 

    Keep reading to find out more: 

    OFFICER NOMINATIONS: Are you passionate about fitness?  Do you enjoy connecting with others that want to incorporate fitness into their life?  Then we are looking for YOU!! 

    If you are interested: complete this form. Nominations are CURRENTLY Closed.

    To vote: use this link until vote until TBD.


    Here are the positions and their role: 

    President: Be in direct contact with the director, gather information, plan and run meetings, keep other officers informed, and ground work for any events.

    Vice-President: Aid the president and do any/all of the above things in his/her absence. Also in charge of fundraisers and committees.

    Secretary: Keeps track of the meeting minutes, organizing the creation of posters and promotional material.

    Treasurer: Manages funds and inventory.


Last Modified on November 19, 2023