State High Fitness Center Rules

    1. Students are not permitted in the office.

    2. Proper attire must be worn: T-shirt, shorts, or sweat pants, sneakers (NO Crocs) For safety purposes, NO jewelry such as loose necklaces, bracelets, hanging earrings or watches. 

    3. Only lift under the direct supervision of a certified supervisor or PE instructor. 

    4. Students must use an approved workout, workouts designed by individuals other then the fitness center staff/teacher must be approved.  Workout tracking sheets/app are required after school.

    5. Follow warm-up and cool-down procedures. 

    6. Spotters must be used for all mandatory spotting exercises.

    7. Lock collars must be used when using any barbell. 

    8. Please put away ALL equipment, racking weights, etc. and clean up when you are finished with your workout.

    9. Wipe down each piece of equipment after use. 

    10. ONLY plastic and/or metal water bottles are permitted; NO straws.

    11. No gum or food in the fitness center.

    12. Spitting in or defacing the facility is not tolerated. 

    13. Report any facility-related injury or facility equipment irregularity to the supervisor.

    14. Limit phone use to listening to music or for tracking your workout. Recording other students are prohibited without their permission. 

    15. For safety purposes, noise canceling earphones/earbuds are not permitted.  

    16. Supervisors have authority over all fitness room conduct, use of the equipment and may dismiss any individual from the facility for failure to follow these instructions. 

    *If you have any questions about these rules, please contact the Fitness Center Supervisor



Last Modified on October 31, 2023