Fitness Center Expectations, Rules and Regulations

    1. No one is permitted in the fitness center without an authorized fitness center supervisor present.
    2. All students must sign in upon entering the fitness center.
    3. Students are not permitted in the office, unless accompanied by a coach.
    4. Proper attire must be worn: T-shirt, shorts or sweat pants, sneakers.  Do not wear jewelry or watches.  Loose or extended scoop tank tops and tops that expose the abdomen are not allowed.
    5. Only lift under the direct supervision of a certified supervisor or PE instructor.
    6. Students must use an approved workout; workouts designed by individuals other than the fitness center staff must be approved.
    7. Cell phones are not allowed in the fitness center.
    8. Follow warm-up and cool-down procedures.
    9. Spotters must be used for all mandatory spotting exercises.
    10. Collars must be used during all barbell exercises.
    11. Strip all bars and machines of weights after use.
    12. Rack all plates in the proper location.
    13. Rack all dumbbells in the proper location on the dumbbell racks.  Wipe down each piece of equipment after use.
    14. Plastic water bottles only permitted, no gum, food or drink in fitness center.
    15. Show respect for equipment and facilities at all times.
    16. Report any facility related injury or facility equipment irregularity to the supervisor.
    17. Locks are mandatory for Fitness Center use.  Students must lock their personal belongings in a locker with a lock.  No personal items may be left out in the fitness center, lobby or lockers rooms.  Fitness Center staff will not be responsible for securing personal items.
    18. Socializing is not tolerated.  Workout or get out.


    Understand that supervisors have authority over all fitness room conduct and use of equipment and may expel an individual from the facility for failure to follow these instructions.



Last Modified on September 13, 2017