• Frequently Asked Questions

    General Questions:

    Q - "Who is permitted to use the Southside Fitness Center?"

    A - The facility is open for use by all certified high school students, as well as all SCASD faculty and staff. Students training sessions must be scheduled, download a Fitness Center Permission Form for more information, or contact Mrs. Swauger (dcs24@scasd.org)

    From students:

    Q - "Someone told me I have to be "certified" to use the Southside Fitness Center...what does that mean?"

    A - The Fitness Certification is one of the Physical Education curriculum units in both ninth and tenth grade. There are also Fitness Certification courses offered after school several times per semester. The courses are an orientation to the Fitness Center that provides a background in basic fitness theory along with hands-on experience and culminate with a practical exam (ninth grade) or written exam (tenth grade). All students who wish to use the Fitness Center must take these courses and pass the certification exam.

    Q - "Do I need permission to use the Southside Fitness Center from my parents or guardian?"

    A - Yes.  Participation at the Fitness Center as a Fitness Club member or as part of an athletic team is considered an extracurricular activity.  You must submit a permission form that has been completed and signed by a parent or guardian before you will be permitted to use the facility.  Click on the "Permission Form" link at the left to download the complete permission form.

    Q - "Do I have to follow a workout program while in the Fitness Center?"

    A - Yes.  All students must follow an approved workout program while training in the Fitness Center.  The fitness center staff has made available dozens of training programs that are designed to improve specific areas of fitness or athletic performance.  Newly certified students will be assigned a training program based on their personal fitness goals.  Advanced participants may choose one of these programs or design your own training program that must be approved by fitness center staff.  If you are participating with an athletic team then you will provided with a workout program by your coach or the fitness center staff.

    Q - "Why do have I have to follow a workout program?"

    A - The better question is: why would you not follow a workout program?  Performing a balanced training program that has been specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals is the most efficient and effective way to reach those goals.  Professional athletes, physique competitors and everyday people alike pay good money to get training programs designed for them by a fitness professional.  At the Southside Fitness Center you get this service for free.

    Once you've gained enough knowledge to put together your own programs the fitness center is a place for you to apply the fitness theory and practical knowledge that you've learned.  You can then carry these positive training practices on with you when you graduate.

    Q - "How can I sign up for the Fitness Club?"

    A - There are specific dates set in advance when students can sign up for the Fitness Club.  Check out the Fitness Club page to the left for the current registration schedule. 

    Q - "When can I workout in the fitness center?  Can I just come whenever I want?"

    A - The fitness center operates on a set schedule, with all student training sessions scheduled in advance.  The reason for this is there are many individual students and various student groups that want to use the fitness center and not everyone can fit at once.  The Maroon and Gray Alternating Schedule provides for equal opportunity for all certified students to access the fitness center.  It also separates the days of attendance for our two largest participating groups - football and fitness club - avoiding the overcrowding the fitness center experienced most days of the week in previous years. 
    Q - "Can I workout in the fitness center after I graduate?"

    A - No.  Students are NOT permitted to use the fitness center (or SCASD Facilities) after graduation, regardless of when a student graduates (January/June).

    From Faculty/Staff:

    Q - "When can I use the Fitness Center?"

    A - Check out the Operating Hours link to the left, it has the current facility schedule. The fitness center is open to district employees during those times.

    Q - "The website says that students are required to be certified, do I need to get certified as well?"

    A- No certification is required for adult participants.   For those that would like some help while working out in the facility we do supply support and instruction for staff in several ways.  You can contact us in advance to set up a time to get a brief orientation to the facility.  In addition, several times a year we offer introductory classes in general fitness, strength training or other relevant topics.  Keep an eye on the website for announcements about these classes.

    Q - "Can I bring my children with me to the Fitness Center?"

    A - The Fitness Center is a very dangerous place for children because they do not understand the dangers of the equipment around them. In addition, there are many unpredictable things that occur: students jumping/running from side to side, medicine balls being thrown, etc. The likelihood of a child being injured is high, therefore children are not allowed in the facility.

    If your children are fitness-certified State High students, then of course you can bring them.

    From State High Coaches:

    Q - "Can I bring my athletic team in to use the Southside Fitness Center?"

    A- Yes, the fitness center is available for use by athletes and athletic teams.  Team training sessions must be scheduled in advance with fitness center staff.  Space is limited in the facility so contact us well in advance of your intended start date to ensure you get the dates and times you desire.  For more specifics about the procedures that govern athletic team use see the Fitness Center Athletic Usage Policy, available at the Fitness Center or from the Department of Athletics.

    Please note that the participation pre-requisites of certification and permission form submission are common to all students.  Please make all your athletes aware that they must get fitness certified and must get a permission form filled out and handed in before they can participate.

    Q - "Do my athletes have to use a workout program while they train in the fitness center?"

    Yes, all athletic teams and individual athletes must have a workout program that they perform while in the Fitness Center.  The fitness center staff is available to collaborate on developing a training program for your team, or can design a program for you.  An team orientation session is recommended to so that the athletes can be brought up to speed on facility procedures and the workout program.

    If you would like to implement your own workout program for your team
    please contact the fitness center to discuss your equipment needs with facility staff.  Coaches must be present to supervise their training program while the team is working out in the fitness center.

    Q - "What about the North Fitness Center, is it available for team use?"

    A - Yes, the North Fitness Center is available for use by appointment.  This facility is not regularly supervised by Fitness Center staff, therefore coaches must be present to supervise their team during their assigned training period.  The North facility is a much smaller weight room the than South facility and can only accommodate a maximum of 25 to 30 students at one time.  For this reason coaches are required to schedule their sessions as far in advance as possible in order to  obtain the training days and times that you require.


Last Modified on October 27, 2022