Allergies and Special Diets

  • The food service program has developed guidelines to ensure the safety of students with special dietary needs.  These guidelines can be found at by accessing the attachment: Procedures for Accommodating Special Dietary Needs
    A substitution for cow's milk can be provided for students with a non-disabling special dietary need, such as milk intolerance or for cultural or religious beliefs.  Soy milk is the substitute provided. To request a soy milk substitute, complete and return the Request for Milk Substitute form.
    All other requests for modified school meals must be submitted with a completed Medical Plan of Care form. 
    View the District's Standard Operating Procedures for information about how student allergies are accommodated throughout the school day.
    The files below list the allergens that may be found in foods served in our school cafeterias. Please note that no foods served in elementary school kitchens contain peanuts or tree nuts as listed ingredients. Peanut/tree nuts containing items may be served in the middle and high schools but only in food items that are clearly labeled.
    The information provided should be used as a general guideline and to begin a conversation with the Food Service Director about how to best meet your child's dietary needs. Ingredient and menu items are subject to change without notice.  Manufacturers change formulations and suppliers substitute products with no notice to the school district.  It is imperative that you work closely with the Food Service Office if your child needs meals that are monitored for allergens.  
    Please note that we are facing unprecedented issues with the supply chain that may require us to make substitutions to the planned menu. Contact the food service department if you need help monitoring your child's food choices in the school cafeteria.


    Gluten Free
    meals can be provided for students with a submitted Medical Pan of Care that documents that need. Foods provided contain no gluten ingredients, and district staff make all reasonable efforts to avoid cross-contamination. The SCASD school kitchens are not gluten-free facilities.

    Contact the food service office at 814-231-5095 for additional information.
Last Modified on January 2, 2024