• Funding provided through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Is allowing breakfasts to be provided free of charge to all students.  Families are responsible for paying for their child's school lunches or for applying for free or reduced-price school lunches.  

    We're committed to providing tasty, healthy school meals at a reasonable cost to your family. 

    Milk is offered with all meals, and the cost of milk is included in the meal price.

    School lunches include an entree, fruit and vegetable choices, and milk.  Breakfast includes an entree, fruit, juice, and milk.  Students may decline up to two food items and the meals are still considered "complete."   If less than a complete meal is selected, the a la carte price for the items taken will be charged.

    Payments can be made online at www.myschoolbucks.com or mailed to SCASD FSD, 653 Westerly Pkwy, State College 16801.  Middle and High School students may also present cash or a check to any cashier for deposit. Payments are not accepted in our elementary schools.  Students are expected to have funds for all purchases and will not be permitted to have extra food items without available funds. 


    Elementary Lunch


    Middle School & Delta  Lunch


    High School Lunch


    Reduced-Price Lunch

    $ .00

    Elementary Breakfast


    Middle School & Delta Breakfast


    High School Breakfast


    Reduced-Priced Breakfast


    Adult Lunch (Elem-MS/Delta-HS)

    $3.95 - $4.25 - $4.75
    Adult Breakfast (Elem-MS-HS)

    $2.50 - $3.00 - $3.25



    Most Vegetables  


    Side Salads 


    French Fries


    Entrees  (Elem-MS/Delta-HS)

    $2.25 - $2.25 - $2.75

       MS/HS Premium Entrees 
        (Entree Salads & Chef's Line)




    MS & HS Snacks

    $ .85 - $2.75

    Milk Only


    Make all checks payable to "SCASD Cafeteria Fund".  Beginning July 1, 2012, the State College rea School District will assess a $35.00 fee for all checks returned by the bank.



Last Modified on February 20, 2024