Best Wishes Birthday Baskets

  • Order a Best Wishes Birthday Basket from Little Lions Paw Catering, SCASD Food Service Department, and we'll make your child's classroom birthday celebration extra special for them and extra easy for you! Only available in grades K-5. 
     What is included in a Best Wishes Birthday Basket?
    • A decorative box for the birthday child to keep
    • Two snacks, selected by you, for each child in the classroom
    • 1-2 small prizes for each child in the classroom (pencils, stickers, novelties)
    • A birthday card signed with your personalized message
    How much does a Best Wishes Birthday Basket Cost?
    • $1.95 per child (classroom enrollment)
    • A $5.00 supplies fee is added for classrooms with less than 10 students.
    How are allergy concerns addressed?
    • Snacks offered in the birthday basket are peanut free and are safe for children with peanut/nut allergies.
    • The food service staff will work with the school nurse to determine if any other special dietary needs exist in the classroom.
    • If necessary, the food service staff will contact the parent/guardian of a child with a special dietary need to determine an appropriate substitute.
    How does my child receive the birthday basket?
    • The birthday basket will be delivered directly to your child's classroom on the morning of his/her birthday (or the date you indicate) by the cafeteria manager.
    How do I order a birthday basket?
    • We would appreciate at least 1 week's notice for birthday basket orders.
    • Submit an order form
    • Mail a check to the Food Service Office or deposit funds to your child's cafeteria account (instructions provided on the order form).
    • Leave the rest to us!
      Boy with Birthday Basket
Last Modified on November 28, 2023