• Best Wishes Birthday Baskets
    (available for children in grades K-5) 
  • Eliminate the hassle of baking and delivering birthday snacks to school. Stop worrying that the snack you provide is nutritious and safe for students with food allergies. Order a Best Wishes Birthday Basket from Little Lions Paw Catering, SCASD Food Service Department and we'll take care of everything.
     What is included in a Best Wishes Birthday Basket?
    • a decorative box for the birthday child to keep
    • two snacks, selected by you, for each child in the classroom
    • 1-2 small prizes for each child in the classroom (pencils, stickers, novelties)
    • a birthday card signed with your personalized message
    How much does a Best Wishes Birthday Basket Cost?
    • $1.65 per child (classroom enrollment)
    • A $4.00 supplies fee is added for classrooms with less than 10 students.
    How are allergy concerns addressed?
    • Snacks offered in the birthday basket are peanut free and are safe for children with peanut/nut allergies.
    • The food service staff will work with the school nurse to determine if any other special dietary needs exist in the classroom.
    • If necessary, the food service staff will contact the parent/guardian of a child with a special dietary need to determine an appropriate substitute.
    How does my child receive the birthday basket?
    • The birthday basket will be delivered directly to your child's classroom on the morning of his/her birthday (or the date you indicate) by the cafeteria manager.
    How do I order a birthday basket?
    • We would appreciate at least 1 weeks notice for birthday basket orders.
    • Mail a completed ORDER FORM with payment to SCASD Food Service Dept., 650 Westerly Parkway, State College, PA 16801.
    • Only prepaid orders can be filled and delivered, so please be sure to include a check with your order form.
      Boy with Birthday Basket
Last Modified on August 9, 2019