• Greetings, 

        As I enter my 19th year of teaching, I am as excited as ever to meet, and work with this year's students . While I have spent most of my time teaching 6th grade, with a few years of 9th grade World History in between, I am thrilled to be teaching this class, and 8th graders for the seventh year. Without a doubt, this course's core content of will prove to be both engaging and challenging given our complex, and ever changing world, and I'm continually uncovering dynamic, and relevant ways to heighten interest and engagement with the various topics we encounter.

        After working in various corporate/manufacturing management positions for over 20 years,  I turned to teaching for an even more meaningful and gratifying second career and haven't looked back. It is an endeavor that only gets better each and every year as I continue my journey in becoming the best educator I can be in guiding and supporting my students in their academic and life pursuits. 

        I am a Connecticut native, but have come to appreciate all that State College has to offer, including the commitment of the community to high quality education. I am definitely a curious, lifelong learner who loves the arts, cooking, reading, playing guitar, playing basketball (and just about any other sport), and I will certainly take on any challenger in a game of chess.  Looking forward, yet again, to a fun and enlightening year!






Last Modified on August 5, 2023