So, what's this class all about?

    Reform, Revolution and the American Experiment  with Mr. Felsmann

    Welcome to your final year here at PFMS! I am once again excited to start another school year and look forward to getting to know you, and working with you so that you get the most out of this class. I love teaching this course for all the rich, relevant and essential topics we explore, and hope that you too will find that all we do is engaging, fun, and of beneficial academic and personal value to you as you continue in your educational journey here, through high school, and beyond.

            The Class

    The first semester of this course focuses on the exploration of global history from the Protestant Reformation in Europe to the French Revolution.  Throughout this course, students will grow in their understanding of how geography, economics, and civics shaped the world at that time and the impact those decisions had within a historical context. In the second semester of this course, students will use their knowledge of the Enlightenment ideas as driving forces for the American Revolution, and the creation of the “American experiment” as a segway to the study of American Civics. Some of the units and topics we’ll be venturing into include-


    • Reformation & Revolution, Enlightenment & Exploration

    • East Asia Empires- Their growth, contributions and relationships with the west

    • The Americas before America

    • The Constitution

    • Citizenship- Rights and Responsibilities

    • Branches of Government- Legislative, Executive, Judicial

    • Political Parties and the Electoral Process

    • Daily/Weekly Current Events, vocabulary terms/concepts, and even some Geography! :)

    My goal is for you to both enjoy the class and learn as much as possible about the many topics we will encounter. I will be flexible, and support you in any way I can so that you will be successful in this class while experiencing a welcoming, safe and respectful environment. I know that each of you is a unique person/student, and also know there is always a way to leverage your abilities and interests so that the subject comes alive for you and broadens both your skills and knowledge as the world continues to open up for you. 

    Class Rules and Expectations:

    1. Please come to class prepared. You will need to bring the following to class:
    • Social Studies Folder (a place to keep handouts, charts, study guides, etc.) and notebook
    • Chrome Book
    • Homework (if assigned)
    • writing utensil 
    *Please be on time to class each day.

    2. Absences/ Late Work: If you are absent, or late with an assignment, it is your responsibility to see me or let me know about the work you missed or have not turned in. Your initiative, diligence, and genuine care and concern to be accountable for the work in this class will determine the amount of extended time and credit you will receive on work that you miss, or are delinquent with.

    3. Grades:
    Grades are based on a point basis. Your total number of points will be converted to a percent out of the total points possible. Grades are based on the following: 
    • Tests: Yes, there will be some tests. Tests may include multiple choice questions, matching, fill in the blank, true/false, short answer and short essay. Usually worth 25 points or more
    • Homework: Homework will be assigned randomly throughout the year. You will not have homework every night, but it will be assigned somewhat frequently given that we don't meet every day. Homework assignments are generally 5 to 15 points each.
    • Projects and class activities: Both projects and activities (individual and group) will occur throughout the year. At least one project or activity will occur for each chapter. A daily agenda and homework assignments will be written on the board at all times and will also be available on the team assignment page.
    • Extra Credit: Extra credit will be offered randomly throughout the year. Scores for extra credit may vary depending on the assignment.
    Remember, always ask questions. I'm here to help. I work for you!
Last Modified on August 5, 2023