• Tenth Grade English Syllabus Overview
    The tenth-grade English curriculum continues to emphasize development of the core language arts components of reading, writing, speaking, and listening as well as research.  Class activities are designed to help students master the skills needed to meet state standards as well as to be successful in their future endeavors.


    Tenth-grade English literary selections are based around our theme for the year, Adversity and Diversity: Justice Around the World. We will look at how the authors of these texts have chosen to represent the primary components of literature: plot, character, setting, narrative point of view, language, and theme.  We will read a variety of texts, including two core titles for tenth grade, Night, by Elie Wiesel, and a Shakespeare play, as well as pieces from other genres, such as non-fiction and poetry.  In line with the Pennsylvania state standards for curriculum, I will help students to incorporate more sophisticated ways of reading for detail, build their vocabulary, and strengthen their writing skills.

    And on the subject of writing, we will do a lot of different kinds of writing this year. Just as students spend lots of time practicing a musical instrument or playing a sport, they need to write often to improve their skills. We will engage in multiple types of writing, including journal reflections, responses, essays, poetry, and other creative writing.

    Speaking and listening

    Our class will emphasize discussion, both of our readings and of our writings. Each student is a vital member of our classroom community, and it is important for each voice to be heard. Student participation is also critical to the vibrancy of our classroom experiences. Thus, contributions to class activities will count as a portion of each marking period grade. In addition to full-class and small-group discussions, we will also engage in speaking and listening activities in more formal ways, such as reader's theater and oral presentations.

    We will research important ideas connected to our texts this year as well as some additional topics.


    We will use all of the above components as we continue to focus on rhetoric, the art of persuasion. One of our key tasks this year will be to research and present a persuasive argument on a student-selected topic.

    Through all of these language arts activities, our primary goal is to develop students' critical thinking skills.

Last Modified on August 22, 2019