• Advanced Chemistry 1
    Daily Requirements:
    • Class notebook
    • Laboratory notebook (composition notebook)
    • Writing utensil (black or blue for labs, only)
    • Non-programmable scientific calculator - MUST BE PURCHASED. The programmable calculator from the Math Department will NOT be allowed on quizzes or tests. 
    • Eagerness to learn
    This course is a high-demanding first year chemistry course designed for students who plan to attend college and are expecting to major in the sciences, engineering or mathematics.  Students are expected to work independently and develop self-monitoring skills that will benefit them in college.  The course maintains a rapid pace with daily homework, weekly labs, 1-2 homework quizzes each week and regular testing. No work is accepted late in this course.  Formal lab reports, a poster project and final exam are requirements of Advanced Chemistry 1.
    Frequently asked questions for a student in Advanced Chemistry 1:
    1) I don't have any homework tonight...
    WRONG!! - There is always homework. Practice problems at the end of the chapter are assigned based on which topic(s) were covered in class that day. Problems are assigned to give students further practice on topic(s) covered in class.
    2) Ok, I have homework, but I don't have to do it, right?
    WRONG!! - Although homework is not directly checked in Advanced Chemistry 1, student progress is evaluated through quizzes, labs and exams.
    3) So I have to do my homework?
    You don't have to do your homework. You should do your homework. Typically the student who attempts the homework does better in the course than a student who neglects this aspect of the course. This is to simulate a college chemistry course in which a professor may assign practice problems, but never checks to ensure students are attempting the problems. Students must develop self-monitoring skills to do the work as they will be tested on the material.
    4) Ok, I get it...do the homework! But after an exam we get a night off right?
    WRONG!!! - After an exam on a chapter, the student should begin reading the next chapter. By reading the chapter you will have a better idea of what topics will be covered and begin learning new vocabulary.
    5) Geesh...this is going to be a lot of work!!
    Yep, but after completing the course, you will have solid foundation of chemistry should you take a chemistry course in college.
    Ways to succeed in Advanced Chemistry 1:
    1) Read the textbook
    2) Do the homework
    3) Take notes in class
    4) Ask clarifying questions in class
    5) Form a study group
    6) Study DAYS before an exam, not the night before
    Text:  Fundamentals of Chemistry, Fourth Edition
    by David E. Goldberg
Last Modified on August 19, 2020