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    Welcome to our Precalculus Course. 
    We will meet during 2nd and 3rd blocks in B118.
    Precalculus is a 1 credit course that will cover the following topics:  
    Unit 1 (Chapter 1)  Functions and Graphs

    Unit 2 (Chapter 2) Quadratics
    Unit 3 (Chapter 2) Polynomial Functions  
    Unit 4 (Chapter 2) Rational Functions  

    Unit 5 (Chapter 3)  Exponential and Logarithmic Functions  
    Unit 6 (Chapter 10) Sequences and Series

    Unit 7 (Chapter 4)  Trigonometric Functions    

    Unit 8 (Chapter 5)  Analytic Trigonometry  
    Unit 9 (Chapter 6)  Additional Topics in Trigonometry

    You will receive a Notes Packet, a Practice Packet, and a Solutions Packet for each unit. 
Last Modified on August 21, 2020