• Ceramics I

    Ceramics is a technique based examination of the tradition of making objects from clay. Students will learn and practice a multitude of techniques, used through history, to produce functional and nonfunctional wares. Students will develop and hone their sense of 3 dimensional design as well as their personal aesthetic.

    Proposed Units of Study:
    1.    Ceramics Vocabulary
    2.    Elements of Art and Principles of Design
    3.    Pinched Vessels 
    4.    Slab Vessels
    5.    Coil Vessels
    6.    Wheel Throwing

    Students will be assessed on their classroom artwork as well as homework. Students will be assessed with tests and quizzes on vocabulary and concepts. Students will also be assessed on their personal artistic growth and participation in classroom activities and discussions.

Last Modified on August 24, 2020