• Classroom Policies/Procedures


    • Come to class on time. If you are going to be delayed, please bring a pass from your previous teacher.

    • Unexcused absences from class result in zeros for all assignments due or completed that day.

    • Students are responsible for any work missed due to tardiness or absence. Make-up work is due upon returning to class.


    • Students have the option of being issued a textbook and should write their name in ink inside the front cover if they choose to be assigned a book. This book is to be covered and kept covered through the school year. Students are responsible for damaged or lost books. Pre-existing damage to the book must be noted on the book registration form at the time that the book is issued. Do not store papers inside the book as this can damage the binding. The book can also be accessed online through Canvas.

    • Students are issued a TI-83/TI-83+/TI-84/TI-84+ calculator if they do not already have one.  The calculator must be returned at the end of the school year to avoid being charged the full replacement price. You may use this calculator for classroom and homework assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and the final exam unless otherwise directed. Students are required to learn how to use the calculator with guidance from the teacher. It is the student's responsibility to keep working batteries in the calculator. The school does not issue batteries.

    • I recommend a large, loose leaf notebook to store and organize packets, handouts, notes, homework, quizzes and tests. (All the stuff you shouldn't store in your book as it will damage the binding.)

    • Unless directed otherwise, bring to class each day your text book, notebook, pencil, chromebook and calculator.




    SCAHS Student Make-Up Work Procedure:

    Excused Absences

    In the event that a student is absent from class for an excused absence, the student

    will make arrangements to submit his/her work, take a test/quiz, and get assignments that were missed.

    • It is the student’s responsibility to check teacher websites and / or contact the teacher for work. Students are expected to make up all work missed within a time period not to exceed the total number of days absent from that specific class, unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor. Students who only missed class on the day of the assessment (test/quiz) should plan to take the assessment upon returning to class, unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher.  

    • Students are strongly encouraged to make up missed work and keep up with assignments while they are out.

    • Extensions may be given at the discretion of the classroom teacher.


    Unexcused Absences

    If a student cuts class and is unaccounted for in the attendance system s/he may not earn higher than half of the credit for an assignment/assessment that was given on the day of the absence. All assignments and assessments must be turned in by the conclusion of the unit in which the assignment was given. Teachers are empowered to use their discretion and may choose to modify this procedure if doing so provides an academic benefit to the student(s).


    Late Work

    It is the expectation that all students will turn in assignments on the given due date.  


    Late work is an assignment not turned in by the established due date/class period. In order to receive credit for late work a student must turn in any late work by the end of the scheduled unit (final summative assessment) in which the assignment was given.  Assignments not turned in by the completion of the unit will be recorded as a zero. Teachers are empowered to use their discretion and may choose to modify this procedure if doing so provides an academic benefit to the student(s).




    • Points may be given for any of the following: homework, notebook checks, class work, quizzes, tests, journals, projects, openers, and the final exam. Weights for categories for each class that I teach will be the following:

    Advanced Algebra 2


    Assessments  90 %

    Test/Quizzes:  Each topic will include an end-of-unit exam. Additionally, there may be a few short quizzes throughout the unit.

    All tests/quizzes are written so that they are to be completed in the allotted time, which means they should be turned in by the end of the block. There will be no extra time unless it is an IEP accommodation.


    Assignments 10 %


    Each assignment varies in points. These will be done on line and will graded automatically by the online program. These assessments include Get More Math and GoFormative and possibly other programs.



    Your overall grade will be calculated by counting each marking period as 22.5 % of your grade and counting the final exam as 10 %. 


    I follow the district grading policy as described in the student handbook.


    There will be occasional chances for extra credit work. Other than these extra credit opportunities presented to the class, extra credit work is not assigned on an individual basis. Please do not ask.

    If a retest of a Unit test is needed, it is handled on an individual basis and there will be a 6 step process that will be followed. I understand students can have bad days, and I also understand that this material is important to master, so, that is why the retest policy is available. All retests must be done within 2 weeks of the original test, and must be done on your own time. No class time will be given for this retest.


    It is imperative that you understand the material presented in my class. I also know that sometimes we just have bad days and don’t perform as well as we know we can. So that is why I completely accept retests on Unit tests only. Students will be allowed to retest one Unit test per marking period.  The following is 6 step process for retaking a Unit test. It is obvious that it’s better to do your best on the first test, as this is pretty intense.


    • Retests must be done within 2 full weeks following the original test. You can’t wait until the end of the marking period and decide that you want to retest something from the beginning of the marking period. There will be no retests during the last 2 weeks of a marking period.

    • The grade you get on the retest is the grade that replaces the original grade in the gradebook.

    • You may choose to retest ONE test a marking period. Choose wisely!

    • You must try on the original test. A retest will be denied if you simply don’t give your best the first time. (Trust me, I will know!)

    • If at anytime prior to the original test you do not complete/or have on your possession an assignment (homework or in-class) you will be ineligible to take a retest.

    • All retests are to improve your learning of the material, and not the grade on the test. It’s the learning that is important, so when you ask to retest, if you state it is because you want a better grade, I will deny the request.

    5-Step Policy prior to retesting:

    1. You will email both me and your parents/guardians (in the same email) requesting to retest whatever test/quiz it is, and why you need the retest. What made you not show the learning of the material? Remember, it is not about the grade, but about the learning!!!

    2. Once you get the approval from me, proceed to the next step.

    3. Please look over your returned test and make sure you understand your errors. If you do not, and would like to meet with me to go over your test, please let me know via email. 

    4. Complete an additional problem set that I will assign you in GoFormative. Once finished, you will notify me and I will grade it (or the computer will grade it, if it is online). You must get a 100% on this prior to moving on.

    5. You are now ready to retest during your own time. Remember, you will NOT be allowed to retest during class-time.



    • If you don't understand something, please come and see me. I am available before school. At times I am also available during block 4  (Prep in the math office-room B132). Please make an appointment to meet with me.


Last Modified on August 15, 2023