Y694 Diversified Occupations - 1 credit

    Grade Level:  12th grade

    Course Description
    This is a full year, one credit course for all students interested in understanding careers and the essential skills needed in the workplace. The course prepares students for entry into the workforce at all levels and is designed for all students, regardless of post-secondary plans. Instruction is provided in such skills as employer-employee relations, applications and resumes, interview techniques and the acquisition of life skills. The course is designed to increase skills through individual and class study, and on-the-job training opportunities, encouraging attitudes and habits which meet employment standards. Course delivery includes class discussion, guest speakers, computer applications and audio-video materials. Students are evaluated on class assignments and individual projects.

    Students who are interested in earning two additional credits for work based experiences (Internships and/or Employment) must concurrently register for Diversified Occupations Cooperative Work Experience (Y692)


    Human Relations
    Health and Safety/Violence Risks
    Legal Awareness
    Personal Finance/Economics
    Independent Living
    Career Development and Planning

    Major Projects

    Safety/Emergency Response
    Independent Living
    Money Management
    Career Portfolio
    OSHA 10 - General Industry Certification



    Y692 CWE Diversified Occupations - 2 credits

    Grade Level:  12th grade

    Course Description
    Cooperative Work Experience is a full year two credit course. This course provides the opportunity for the student to develop job skills in a supervised on-the-job training experience. The student will be required to work a minimum of 17 hours per week in a field associated with their future career. Students must be concurrently enrolled in the Diversified Occupations course (Y694).


         Journal Entries 

         Documentation of Hours

         Employer Evaluation 

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