• www.wordreference.com  This link provides definitions in French and English.

    www.classzone.com  This link accompanies our textbook offering explanations and practice in vocabulary and grammar.

    www.languageguide.org/francais  This link offers interactive practice of vocabulary, grammar and listening skills.

    http://quizlet.com/subject/french/ This link offers interactive practice of vocabulary, grammar, listening, and writing skills through games and drill and practice.
    http://www.laits.utexas.edu/fi/  This link offers grammar explanations with practice, vocabulary and listening practice, and video and podcasts.
    Forvo: This link demonstrates pronunciation of a word of your choice from the language and region of your choice.
    https://studyspanish.com This link provides grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation explanations and practice.  
Last Modified on August 7, 2018