• Aerial Photo of Memorial Field - W. Nittany Ave. is on the right and Central Parklet is on the left.

    Aerial view of Memorial Field
    Laying the artificial turf Laying the Artificial turf in 2003
     The new artificial turf The new turf (from the home bleachers)
     Putting in the artificial turf  
    Adding the new artificial turf in 2003
    The old Hollow - 1924
    Nittany Ave. Grammar School (now Central Office) is on the left and the High School is on the right (now Fairmount Building)
    Construction of the football field in the 1930s  
    Turning a sink hole into a football field was finally accomplished during the 1930s with government grants, local labor, and construction companies including Swartz and O.W. Houts.
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