Education beyond high school will put you in a better position to help your family, your community, and give you the kind of career you dream of living. The more education you have, the more career opportunities you will have. Whether you plan to attend a 4-year college or university, community college, or technical school, you will gain skills that will help you succeed for the rest of your life.

    • Greater Knowledge: A college education will increase your ability to understand developments in science and in society, to think abstractly and critically, to express thoughts clearly in speech and in writing, and to make wise decisions. These skills are useful on and off the job.
    • More Job Opportunities: The world is changing rapidly. Many jobs rely on new technology and already require more brain power than muscle power. In your working life, more and more jobs will require education beyond high school. With college education, you will have more jobs from which to choose.
    • More Money: A person who goes to college usually earns more than a person who doesn't. On the average, over a lifetime, someone who spends two years in college earns $250,000 more than someone who doesn't. That's a quarter of a million dollars over a lifetime!

    The following is a list of recommended classes students need to take during high school when considering a 4-year college program:

    • English - 4 Years (language arts,literature, writing, speech).
    • Math - 3 Years usually required, and some science & business require 1/2 year trig or higher (Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, 1/2 year Trig, Pre Calc, or Calculus for some science, engineering, and business degrees).
    • Science- 3 Years Recommended, 4 Encouraged (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics).
    • History - 3 Years Recommend, 4 Encouraged (World History, US History, Economics, World Geography, US Government).
    • Foreign Language - 2 years of the SAME language, more encouraged.
    • Electives - Additional Classes are Encouraged - PE, Health/Safety, Arts, Computers, Community Service, etc.

Last Modified on November 5, 2008