This course is designed for students who qualify for a highly modified and adapted curriculum.  Student placement in the course is recommended by Learning Support teachers, classroom teachers and counselors in a joint effort.  The focus is on skill building, learning strategies, and project based Earth Science Topics.  The class is paced to accommodate the students needs.  All materials are modified for students' unique needs and almost all of the work takes place within the classroom and there is very little homework.  The Earth Science textbook is used as a reference material and is also kept in the classroom.  

    I keep the weekly agenda and a PDF copy of notes taken within the class on a spreadsheet that you can access here:   Earth Science Weekly Agenda
    A typical class period proceeds as follows:
    •Five to ten minutes of daily science news topics.  We typically look at Accuweather.com, Weather.com, Astronomy Picture of the Day, Earth Science Picture of the Day and Spaceweather.com to look at topics of interest and discussion.  Then, depending on the topic we may have review/practice, note taking, activity, reading for content activities or various other assignments.  I try to keep the class period chunked into segments lasting not more than a half of hour. We also use Science World Magazine to support our classroom studies.
Last Modified on September 11, 2019