How to Prepare for a Test

    When studying for a test it is important to look at your notes in several ways. Some options:

    Make notecards or flash cards to study terminology

    •Look over notes and highlight materials

    Type your notes out, the process will help you remember them better

    •Take a sheet of paper and fold it into two columns. List terminology on one side and definitions on the other and practice matching them.

    Check out the book's website if there is one and sample questions.

    Pay attention to the Why? of things. There is more to a test than just knowing definitions. Sometimes you need to be able to explain How or Why something happened. Practice answering that type of questions.

    Redraw diagrams that may confuse you.

    •If you start studying early enough you can have a sheet of paper on which you write down questions that you have. When you see the teacher the next day you can ask for help.

    Don't wait until the last minute and get some sleep the night before the test!



Last Modified on September 23, 2010