• Document Preparation Tips

    Preparation Matters

    Send clean, unfolded originals for the best quality copy. If your original has imperfections, the copies we make from it will have the same imperfections.

    Copies made from originals on colored papers will have a dark gray background.

    Allow at least an 1/8 inch margin on all sides of your original for equipment grippers.

    Page numbers help us keep your pages in order on jobs with multiple pages.

    Normal turnaround time for jobs that do not require handwork is 2- 3 business days. Give us the exact date and time you need the job, and we'll do our best to meet your deadline!

    All jobs require authorization from your budget head.

    Picture of cat with backpack


    For better quality on jobs with images and shaded areas, send a PDF of your job to pawprints@scasd.org. Don't forget to send a hardcopy sample and work order with budget officer approval via district mail.

    For best results, always embed fonts and images in the PDF document and make sure to turn off any file compression settings.

    Better Quality Images

    When scanning images for print, scan at a resolution of 300 dpi at the size you intend to use them.

    For better image quality when you are creating or scanning images, save them in TIF or EPS format.

    Resize your halftone and four color images in PhotoShop or another "paint" or photo program. Resizing in programs like Microsoft Word, Publisher, CorelDraw, etc. can lead to long imaging (RIP) time. Always export your images in the size that you want them to print.

    Some JPG images print very well because they were created with a higher resolution. In general, JPG and GIF images do not print well because their resolution has been compressed which can affect image quality, resulting in blurry images and inaccurate color.

Last Modified on February 17, 2012