Advanced Placement Calculus AB 


    • This is an Advanced Placement course.  The material covered here is equivalent to that of at least the first semester of calculus at most universities.
    • A complete course description given by the College Board can be found on the Web at http://www.apcentral.collegeboard.com as well as resources for the course and to prepare for the AP exam.

    • Please click here, AB Calculus Syllabus, to find the course syllabus. 

    • In the spring you will be given the opportunity to take an AP exam. Scoring well on this exam can earn several college credits. You will need to check with the university of your choice to find out about the credit given there. If you are planning on attending Penn State University, the following link will take you to their AP credit information: http://admissions.psu.edu/academics/credit/ap/index.cfm

    • Click here for the AP Calculus AB Scoodle Page which includes the Syllabus, Calendar, Notes, Solutions, and Assignments.
Last Modified on August 23, 2017