• Sustainability

    According to the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership, "sustainability is a gradual process that involves continuous improvement and not a goal attainable at any point in time. Sustainability entails the fullest possible regard for the present and future welfare of the planet, its inhabitants, and for the stewardship of wealth and natural resources."

    Printing Services believes that providing environmentally friendly services to the district is important. We are committed to providing efficient and affordable services while keeping important environmental concerns at the forefront of our production and decision-making processes.

    This is not easy in the printing industry because offset printing by nature is a chemical process that involves the use of petroleum based products, papers, press chemicals and inks with acid or alkaline pH values, all of which contribute to the consistent quality of the printed piece. Here are a few examples of the measures we have taken so far to ensure our commitment to the environment:


    • All of our text and index weight color papers are recycled and most have 30% or more post consumer waste.

    • Our standard stationary stock is recycled and contains 60% recycled fiber and 30% post consumer waste.
      Xerographic Copy, the district's white copier paper for 2015-16, is not recycled, however, it carries a Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) label concerning the fiber used in the product line.

    Copier Management Program

    • The vendor for the copier management program is committed to sustaining our environment and manufactures its equipment using the following environmental assurance philosophy: Pursue maximization of resource efficiency and contributes to the creation of a society that practices sustainable development.

    • All toner for copiers in the copier management program is vegetable-based and safe for the environment.

    • All copiers in the copier management program meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.

    Other Efforts

    • We recycle things that can be recycled like paper, metal plates, and some toner.

    • We purchase our paper and supplies from environmentally responsible companies.

    • As we deplete existing offset printing supplies, we are transitioning to the use of environmentally friendly offset press inks and chemicals.

    • We dispose of our petroleum based products in appropriate containers which are then disposed of in accordance with environmental laws and procedures by an industrial waste management company.

Last Modified on October 30, 2015