• To access your son's/daughter's grades, go to  https://scasd.instructure.com/.

    The following are just a few tips to help stay tuned in to German class and to support your child's language learning...

    1. Ask your child what he/she learned in German today.

    2. Ask your child if they did the homework assignment(s) listed on the homework page of the website. Even if there is no "official" homework, encourage your child to practice. The on-line games linked to the website are a great place to start.

    3. Encourage your child to speak or write German at home.

    4. If your child shows an interest in extra learning opportunities, such as German Club or participating in the German exchange program, talk to him/her more about this interest.

    5. Stress the importance of language learning in all its aspects (listening, reading, writing, speaking). Support your child's learning by encouraging them to do their best work, speak up during class, and not be afraid of making mistakes.

Last Modified on August 24, 2020