• About Mr. Kissell

    I am a Business/Social Studies teacher, and I teach classes such as Personal Finance, Business Law (Social Studies Credit), and Business Law II Ethics (Social Studies Credit.) I am also the Senior Class Advisor. We do things such as Homecoming, Flag Football, Prom and all of the senior class trips and picnics.

    Professional experience

    Bachelor of Science from the University of Pittsburgh, 25 years teaching experience:
    • Taught classes such as Personal Finance, Business Law 1, Business Law 2, Stocks and Investments
    • Senior Class Advisor for 20 years; Varsity Baseball Coach, 1990-2003
    • 8th Grade Football Coach, 1994
    • Varsity Football Coach, 1995

    Vision for learning experience

    My goal as an educator is to create an environment where students thrive in both academically and socially. I want my students to have fun while learning, to gain confidence in themselves and their classmates as time passes and really want and look forward to attending the class.

    What my class is about

    My classes are NOT a lecture, lecture, lecture, take a test class. I want to stimulate class discussions, create leaders while working on group projects, have my students generate original and thought-provoking research while being able to present confidently to the class as a whole. Students will need to be able to communicate their thoughts to not only me on a daily basis but to other classmates as they work on various items.

    What I like about teaching: My STUDENTS. I love the energy and passion that State High students possess, and it is an absolute joy working with them on a daily basis. I love coming to class. My students keep me young and I create an environment where kids have a sense of belonging and ownership. They love coming to my class and I love having them there.
Last Modified on August 25, 2015