• Personal Finance sets the tone for a student's financial life for the rest of their lives. 
    Personal Finance can be found under CTC in the Online Registration Guide.
    Personal Finance will cover the following units: 

    Unit 1    Financial Awareness & Philosophy - Laying the Blocks   
            Needs vs Wants
            Personal and Financial goal-setting
            Financial Freedom

    Unit 2    Budgeting - Creating a Financial Blueprint   
            Paychecks - Pay, Taxes, Deductions, Net Pay
            Gross Income, Net Income, Discretionary Income
            % of expenses - recommended ratios
            Building a Budget - fixed and variable expense
            Budgeting mistakes
            Dave Ramsey video - 3 days
            Need a guest speaker here
            Introduce Quicken

    Unit 3    Banking - Finding a Home for Your Money   
            PNC Virtual Wallet:  On-line banking simulation. Guest speaker.
            Writing checks
            Reconciling checking account
            Checking vs. Savings
            ATM's, Debit vs. Credit
            Banks vs Credit Union
            Pine Gulch
            Feed the Pig
            Taxes -W-2, W-4, 1040EZ

    Unit 4    Let's Go Shopping - Spending Wisely   
            On-line purchasing (http vs https), (tax vs shipping)
            Buying a Car
            Researching buying a car
            Kelly blue book
            How to negotiate
            Identity protection
            How to research buying a product - consumer reports
            Impulse buying

    Unit 5    Credit - Good Debt/Bad Debt - Using Your Credit Wisely   
            Store cards vs credit
            Credit Protection - laws
            FICO scores
            Oprah / Ramsey videos
            Interest Rates, minimum balances
            Cash vs Credit
            Good debt vs bad debt
            Buying on credit-90 days same as cash

    Unit 6    Investing - Making your Money Grow, Wealth Building   
            Markets - NYSE, Nasdaq, etc
            How to buy a stock
            Selection of stocks
            Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, CDs
            Other investments - commodities, real estate, etc.
            Stock market game
            Planning for retirement - 401(k), 403(b), etc
            Compound interest

    Unit 7    Insurance - Protecting What You've Built   
            Car insurance
            Renters insurance / home insurance
            Personal property insurance
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