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    HS Student Handbook
    • Homework Policy on pp. 58-60
    • Cell Phone Policy on p. 50 (Parents: Know the bell schedule! PLEASE avoid sending texts or alerts to your children DURING academic classes. Study halls, lunch and the passing times are acceptable!)
    •  " If the device is used inappropriately, teachers may confiscate the device for the instructional period only and it should be returned at the end of the period. Teachers hold the right to implement their own classroom policy regarding electronic devices. Students whose electronic device(s) repeatedly cause a disruption/distraction to instruction will receive consequences from their teacher."
    Luzenski expectations regarding make-up work on a block schedule:  
    • CALENDAR: Daily Lesson Plans
    • If you see the word "Tarea", that means a homework assignment will be due the next class block (any exceptions will be clarified). All documents and/or assignments will be posted (pdf) in CANVAS throughout the academic year. I only take a set 10% deduction from the total for late assignments. 
    • If you see "Evaluación", that means an evaluation will occur. I always provide advance notice on assessments or projects. Lesson plans will include the date of the assessment or project deadline, skills assessed, point value, and format or rubric.
    • I am aware of IEP and 504 plans regarding assignment modifications and/or extensions as well as any testing accommodations!
Last Modified on June 2, 2020