•  Course Y320 = Advanced, weighted course

    Temas AP6 AP Themes
    Una exploración independiente (vocabulario, diarios, música): 
    1. Grammar: Los Conceptos
    Teacher-made materials are supplied; pdf copies available in CANVAS
    Click here for more Spanish sites (from my web page)Más práctica
    1. Login to CANVAS: CANVAS
    2. Daily Lesson Plans (look for TAREA): D.L.P.
    For those of you who are interested in post-secondary education:

    Most colleges and universities expect at least 2 years of a world language, some even more! Know that you are competing against hundreds or even thousands of applicants and Admissions Officers are looking for students who challenge themselves in many areas as a distinguishing characteristic. Successful completion of a language course reflects commitment and openness to risk-taking!  By the way, the more years you take, the more Admissions Officers have proof of your dedication towards proficiency. Check w/ your counselor for details about prerequistes for specific post-secondary schools.



    Class norms / routines

    You are EXPECTED to...

    • arrive on time
    • bring writing utensils
    • keep a folder, notebook or binder 
    • bring your district or personal laptop
    • respect the academic family and surroundings (i.e. personal property, space, furniture, etc.)
    • participate (It's about being an active, engaged learner!) ; Participation: Chart
    • keep cell phones in your backpacks! (I can confiscate them for the entire block if I see them out at any time!)

    ¿Qué tipo de aprendiz eres? : http://www.galeon.com/aprenderaaprender/vak/vakcaract.htm

     What kind of learner are you and what activities best help you (to review, study, etc.)?:




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