• Special Education Services and Supports include programs and services that support local school districts in their efforts to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities. 

  • Assistive Technology Services

    Assistive Technology Services

    Available to all Special Education students as needed to meet their IEP goals, the proper implementation of Assistive Technology consists of acquiring devices or equipment for students as well as conducting assistive technology services.

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  • Occupational Therapy Services

    Occupational Therapy Services

    A related service that enhances or supports educational goals by implementing ctivities to help a child's active participation in self-maintenance; academic and vocational pursuits; and play or leisure activities. Occupational Therapy can be a direct and/or indirect service, as well as assistive technology and environmental modifications

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  • Physical Therapy Services

    Physical Therapy Services

    To serve students who have limited ability to sit, stand and walk safely, independently and efficiently.

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  • Psychological Services

    Psychological Services

    Helping children get what they need to do their best in school......Identifying the educational needs of a child (not the child)
    by helping to develop a plan regarding how to meet those needs.

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  • Transition Services

    Transition Services

    To keep all students in school and engaged in meaningful educational experiences so they will be prepared for post-secondary education/training, employment, and independent living.

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Last Modified on November 5, 2018