Homeless Students

  • For additional information, check out the Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness tab.
    Check out the McKinney-Vento Act for more on education for those expereiencing homelessness.

    Who is homeless?

    Anyone who, due to a lack of housing, lives:

    • In emergency or transitional shelters
    • In motels, hotels, campgrounds, abandoned in hospitals, awaiting foster care
    • In cars, parks, public places, bus or train stations, abandoned buildings (living on the street)
    • Doubled up with relatives or friends
    • Migratory children living in these conditions
    • Students moving from home to home

    What can you do if:

    You suspect a student may be homeless?

    • Consult with your school counselor

    You become aware that a student is homeless?

    • Call Student Services at 814-231-1054

    You have a homeless student in your class who seems to be in need of some specific school or personal items to be purchase?       

    • Contact the Family Engagement Counselor at 814-231-1070 or the Student Services Office at 814-231-1054 to access a special budget.

    What are some common signs of homelessness?

    Lack of continuity in education

    • Attendance at many schools
    • Lack of records needed for enrollment
    • Gaps in skill development

    Poor Health, nutrition

    • Lack of immunizations/records
    • Unmet medical and dental needs
      Chronic hunger (may hoard food)
    • Fatigue (may fall asleep in class)

    Transportation and attendance problems

    • Erratic attendance or tardiness
    • Inability to contact parents
    • Numerous absences
    • Avoidance of class field trips

    Poor hygiene

    • Wearing same clothes for several days
    • Lack of shower facility or washers to stay clean

    Not ready for class

    • Lack of basic school supplies
    • Concern for the safety of belongs
    • Incomplete or missing homework

    Social and behavioral cues

    • Change in behavior
    • "Old" beyond years
    • Protective of parents
    • Poor/short attention span
    • Poor self-esteem
    • Difficulty or avoidance of making friends
    • Difficulty trusting people
    • Need for immediate gratification

    Reactions/Statements by Parent, Guardian or Child

    • Anger of embarrassment when asked about current address
    • Mention of staying with grandparents, other relatives, friends, or a motel
    • Comments such as:"Our address is new; I can't remember it,"or "We're going through a bad time right now"                

    Protective Factors That You Can Provide to Assure That the Students Have a "Normal Level of Participation in School Activities:

    Take steps to form caring and supportive relationships with students and their parents and other support people in their lives and be aware that there are resources to help students participate in all school activities.

    Housing Assistance Available Locally

    • Housing Transitions: 814-237-4863 and Centre County Housing Case Manager: 814-237-1944
    • Centre County Women's Resource Center: 814-234-5222
    • Centre County Youth Service Bureau: 814-237-5731
    • Stepping Stone-ages 16-20 with no other living arrangements
    • Burrowes Street Youth Haven: 814-234-2100 21 day therapeutic living including intensive reunification efforts with family
    • Stormbreak 814-234-2100-dependent or delinquent females ages 11-17

    Homeless Shelter Directory

    Burrowes Street Youth Haven
    330 S. Burrowes St.
    State College, PA  16801
    Hotline: 814-234-2100    Office 814-234-0803

    Stepping Stone Transitional Living
    334 S. Burrowes St.
    State College, PA  16801

    Women's Resource Center
    140 W. Nittany Ave.
    State College, PA  16801

    Housing Transitions
    217 E. Nittany Ave.
    State College, PA  16801

    SCASD Homeless Documents


    How to Help?

    SCASD homeless liaisons help students or students who are living in unsettled living situations in the State College Area School District.
    Cindy Sergeon
    240 Villa Crest Drive
    State College, PA 16801



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