• Advanced Physics 1 and Advanced Engineering Technology

    Adv Physics 1 & AET
    Y479 2.0000 Course Credits

    Suggested Grade Level 11-12
    Prerequisites: Successful completion of two science courses (i.e. Earth Systems Science 1 or Advanced Earth Systems Science 1; Biology 1 or Advanced Biology 1; Chemistry 1 or Advanced Chemistry 1; Environmental Science 1) Completion of CP Algebra 2. Concurrent enrollment in Precalculus or AP Calculus.

    This nested set of courses is designed for the student seriously considering a career in engineering or a related technical field. Advanced Physics 1 and Advanced Engineering Technology are scheduled back-to-back (in consecutive blocks) allowing for project work and integration of physics into engineering applications. The student will receive 1 credit and a separate weighted grade for each section of the course.
    Physics concepts will be algebra-based and include linear and rotational kinematics, dynamics, momentum, energy, wave theory, sound, electricity, magnetism, and other special topics time permitting. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are stressed with evaluation being based upon tests, quizzes, laboratory exercises, projects, homework and participation.

    Advanced Engineering gives qualified juniors and seniors the opportunity to learn about and experience engineering topics though direct instruction, class work, activities, tests, labs and projects. Students will also experience engineering through guest speakers, field trips and face-to-face interactions with practicing engineers.  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts are emphasized throughout.  Students will learn about parametric modeling, advanced manufacturing of prototype parts, creating and testing models and full size prototypes and participating in design reviews.  This course is nested with Advanced Physics 1, so physics concepts are illuminated through engineering projects throughout the year.


Last Modified on February 19, 2020