Home and School Visitor

  • As an integral component of the State College Area School District's Student Service Department, the Home/School Visitor is involved with a variety of activities, involving all grade levels. The Home/School Visitor is particularly concerned with: absenteeism and the development of a plan to establish and maintain regular school attendance; serving as a liaison between parents and school personnel to create a home-school partnership.

    Home/School Liaison

    • Acts as a connection between parents and school personnel, so that a home-school partnership is created
    • Participates in meetings with school staff, community agencies, parents and students
    • Outreach to parents; referral to appropriate school and community resources
    • Collaborates with District Social Worker
    Truancy and Attendance Intervention
    •     Assessment of truancy 
    •     Help facilitate a School Attendance Improvement Plan (SAIP)
    •     Facilitate services of outside agencies
    •     Facilitate school meetings and provision of school resources
    •     Court Liaison - file 2nd Truancy Offenses in court & attend Truancy Hearings
    •     Report chronic truancy to Children & Youth Services
    •     Refer students who dropout of school to GED program (in collaboration with school counselors)
    •     Attend Truancy Meetings - to establish SAIP, discuss school's attendance rules, discuss court process and court consequences for truancy

      School Meetings

    • Attend SAP (Student Assistance Program) meetings at Middle Schools
    • Attend MTSS meetings district wide
    • Attend IST (Instructional Support Team) meetings as needed
    • Attend IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings as needed
    • Attend other school meetings as needed

    Resident/non-resident investigations

    District and Community Committees

    Cindy Sergeon-Smith, Home School Visitor


Last Modified on December 12, 2023