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    Symphonic Band 

    Symphonic Band Toronto 2016
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    Symphonic Band 2012  

    Symphonic Band

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    Last Update:  12/14/2023

    Advanced Band Curriculum

    Course Description

    Prerequisite: Audition with the Band Director

    The Symphonic Band provides a challenge for students who show exceptionally high levels of performance on their musical instrument.  In rehearsals, students work on the skills of blend, balance, tone quality, intonation, and proper interpretation,  while preparing for three concert appearances. Students are also eligible to participate in their grade-level band.  In addition, students are eligible to participate in PMEA music festivals at the district, regional, state, and all-eastern levels, and travel to festivals and competitions as the opportunities occur. Students enrolled in this band have the opportunity to participate in the High School Marching Band, The High School Jazz Band, and the High School Symphony Orchestra.
    2012 NYC Adjudication Performance

    Concert Schedule
    Click here for SCASD Music Concert schedule
    Concerts are held at the Performance Hall starting at 7:30 PM, doors open at 7:10pm
    Tickets are $3 and are available at the door on the night of the concert

     Contre Qui, Rose by M. Lauridsen _ R. Reynolds MP3.mp3

    All State Band History 1978-2016

    Richard Victor Legacy Award Winners 2012-Present

    Hege Award winners 1976-2010


    Congratulations to our 2010 Band Award recipients

    Eric Kernfeld - The John Philip Sousa Band Award

    Eric Posatko - The Franklin B Hege Memorial Award Scholarship

    Michael Marini - The Lemont Young American Band Scholarship

    Natalie Roberts - The National Band Association Outstanding Band Musician Award

    Emily Browne - Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence

    Michael Marini - Shiri Berg First Flute Memorial Award

    Yosef Berlyand - Mario Marcanti Memorial Award

    Sam Heppelmann - Louis Armstrong Jazz Award




Audition Information

  • Updated 12/14/23



    Solo, étude, or excerpt (Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion)

    Students will prepare a piece of their choice that is two to three minutes in length to demonstrate their highest level of competency of technical and lyrical playing. The style should be in the “classical” / symphonic band style.


    The excerpts chosen will display a student's technical playing (faster rhythms and tempo, varied articulations, etc) and lyrical playing (tone quality, phrasing, breath control, and musicianship).  One piece may contain both a technical section and a lyrical section.  Or, you may choose 2 different pieces that show technical and lyrical playing.


    Percussionists will choose two(2) selections: one(1) for Mallets (2-handed or 4-handed) in a lyrical or technical style and one(1) for Snare Drum in a technical style that demonstrates knowledge of rudiments, sticking patterns, and dynamics.  Due to the instrument needs, percussion students may choose to perform Part 1 in-person.  If you do so, please sign up for 2 consecutive time slots.


    Upload video using link provided. Video must show full playing position of the student.



    Sign-up for a time slot using link provided.


    All Major Scales - students will be asked to play two.

    Scales may be played at any tempo or rhythm and for as many octaves as able.



    Students will sight-read a brief excerpt of typical Symphonic Band music.  Percussionists will perform this excerpt on snare drum.  Students will be given the tempo and are given up to 1 minute to mentally process the excerpt (anything but play it) before playing the excerpt.


    Click below for more information and the rubric


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