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    Welcome to Geometry.  This course is designed for students in the College Preparatory math program.  The general goals of this course are to introduce geometric concepts and develop logical thinking skills necessary in the solution to problems.  Topics of the course will include inductive and deductive reasoning, direct and indirect proofs, parallel lines and planes, constructions, loci, area of plane figures, properties of polygons, congruent triangles, areas of polygons, ratio and proportion, similar polygons, properties of circles, areas and volumes of solids, right triangles, and coordinate geometry. This course prepares students for College Prep Algebra 2, upon successful completion of the course.


    If at any time you are having trouble completing a problem or understanding a concept, please let me know right away.  Do not wait until the day or two before a test or quiz to get help.  I will be glad to meet with you outside of class to help in any way I am able.


    1) Textbook: The textbook for this course is titled “Geometry” (by Prentice Hall). We will have a class set of textbooks in our classroom for use in the course. The choice of taking a textbook home with you for the year is OPTIONAL, only. If you choose to take a textbook home with you, please put a COVER on the book to protect it. You will be given a book registration form to complete when the textbook is issued. List any damages to your book on the back of the registration form. You will be responsible for any damages to your book during the remainder of the year. Textbooks will be collected during the last week of school.

    2) On-line Textbook: You will have access to the course textbook on-line. You are not required to use the on- line textbook, but you are welcome to do so, to eliminate the need to carry your textbook to and from school.

    3) Calculator: A SCIENTIFIC calculator will be helpful for your work at home. A calculator with the basic math functions, exponent keys, square root key and scientific notation capabilities is suggested. In addition, a school owned calculator will be provided to you each day in class. These calculators will be for IN-CLASS USE, only, and you will NOT be permitted to take the calculator home at any point during the year.

    4) Notebook / Assignment Book: You will need a THREE-RING NOTEBOOK (preferably 1 1/2 - 2 inch) for all activities and assignments to be completed for the course. The following are suggested sections:

           a) Notes        b) Classwork        c) Homework       d) Graded assignments and assessments

    This notebook does not need to be for math class only, and may contain information from your other courses, if you wish.  I also strongly suggest you use an ASSIGNMENT BOOK for all your classes to keep track of your work, assignments, and projects.  Please bring your notebook and assignment book to class each day.

    5) Geometry Tools:  We will be using several geometric instruments frequently in class.  The following is a list of these tools:

    a) Protractor          b) Ruler  (standard and metric)              c) Compass            d) Straight Edge

    These tools will be provided to you, but you may purchase these items in packets at several local retailers in the area.  Please remember, having your own geometry tools is NOT mandatory.


    We will follow the Student Handbook in regard to all conduct and behavior in the classroom.  Respectful behavior, will be expected in the classroom at all times.  Appropriate language will be used at all times!


    All assignments for this course will be assigned in the classroom and posted on-line. You may access all assignments on my teacher web page of the district website. All homework is due at the beginning of the class meeting that follows the one in which the homework was assigned. Homework will be discussed in class, checked and graded (a minimum of 1-2 times per week) for completeness and accuracy. The amount of effort you put into completing homework will also be reflected in your grade by your performance on pop quizzes, and scheduled quizzes and tests. Homework will be assigned periodically each week.



    In the event that a student is absent from class the student will make arrangements to submit his/her work, take a test/quiz, and get assignments that were missed.

        It is the student’s responsibility to check teacher websites and / or contact the teacher for work. Students are expected to make up all work missed within a time period not to exceed the total number of days absent from that specific class. Thereafter, a 10% deduction may be taken for each class meeting day the assignment / assessment is late following the student’s absence from class.

                         Example: Student is out Monday (A), Tuesday (B), and Wednesday (A). Student will get A day work on Friday, and it will be due two classes later on Thursday. Student will get B day work on Thursday, and it will be due Monday.

                         Students are strongly encouraged to make up missed work and keep up with assignments while out.

                         Extensions may be given at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

        Unexcused Absences

    If a student cuts class and is unaccounted for in the attendance system, s/he cannot earn higher than half of the credit that was earned for the assignment.  The assignment is due the class period the student returns to class.   

    Late Work

    It is the expectation that all students will turn in assignments on the given due date.  Late work is an assignment not turned in by the established due date/class period.  Students have up to three class periods past the due date to turn in a late assignment.  Ten percent will be deducted for each class period that the assignment is late.  A student who turns in the assignment more than three class periods past the due date will receive half of the credit that they earned on the assignment.  In order to receive credit for late work a student must turn in any late work one week prior to the end of the marking period in which the assignment was given.


    Your grade will be based on a weighted point system. Points will be given for homework, activities, projects, quizzes and tests. Point totals will vary for projects, quizzes and tests. Extra credit points will be available at times during each quarter. Your overall grade will be calculated by using the following weighted percentages: 

    (75%) quizzes and tests, (15%) homework, (5%) group work and projects and (5%) classwork.
    A letter grade will be assigned to the percentage as follows:

    98-100 A+; 92-97 A; 90-91 A-; 88-89 B+; 82-87 B; 80-81 B-; 78-79 C+; 72-77 C; 70-71 C-; 68-69 D+; 62-67 D; 60-61 D-; and below 60 E.

    Please be ready to work hard each day. Everyday will be a learning experience. I hope you enjoy the class.

    Mr. Gettig’s email address:                                              sag11@scasd.org

    Mr. Gettig’s school phone number:                             (814) 272 - 8428

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