Who cares about you?
    We do!
    S.A.P. is a program to help students overcome any kind of challenge to learning or life.
    S.A.P. is CONFIDENTIAL and is NOT disciplinary.
    Real friends help -- be a real friend.
    3 Different Ways You Can Help a Friend:
    • Tell an adult (teacher, counselor, administrator, staff member, parent or respected community member) who will make the S.A.P. referral.
    • Make an anonymous S.A.P. referral using the online form.
    • Encourage the student to make a self-referral.
    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Who finds out? Only a small group of specially trained and concerned teachers, counselors, and administrators.
    How do I know if my friend gets help? You won't unless he/she/they tells you -- it's confidential.
    How much does it cost? Nothing -- it's FREE.
    Do their parents find out? Usually. By law, we are required to share only the facts.
    Will my friend know who referred him/her/them? No, it stays anonymous.
    Will my friend get in trouble? No, S.A.P. is here to help.

    Andrea - ahl12@scasd.org Amy - aba14@scasd.org
    Jon - jmd16@scasd.org Deb - djs20@scasd.org
    Nick - nwg11@scasd.org  Katie- ksk19@scasd.org
    To submit a SAP referral for yourself or someone else, please complete this SAP Referral Google Form. If you have an urgent concern that you feel needs to be addressed immediately, please reach out to a trusted staff member or call Can Help (Center for Community Resources) at 1-800-643-5432.  
Last Modified on December 17, 2020