•  Writing Stories
    Final story project due Wednesday, January 23
    Due to the snow days, your portfolio is now due on Monday, November 19

     This class works on a four-day cycle:

    Day one: introduction to a new literary element

    Day two: write in class

    Day three: quiz on literary elements, three pages due, workshop with peers, continue writing.

    Day four: five pages of portfolio due, share stories, review quizzes, games
    Rinse and repeat.
    December 21: 1--meet Point of view
    January 7: 2--in-class writing day
    January 9: 3--quiz on Freytag's Pyramid, conflict, character, and point of view; have one page you will share for peer editing
    January 11: 4--five pages of portfolio #4 due
    If there are no snow days, the remainder of the semester looks like this:
    Tuesday, January 15: Work on your final project
    Thursday, January 17: Work on your final project
    Tuesday, January 22: Final project due--sharing and party!
Last Modified on January 15, 2019