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    The Corl Street Library:
    The Corl Street Library is the school's center for information sources, providing resources and services to meet diverse learning needs and encouraging opportunities for reading, listening, and viewing. The school library program is an essential link that focuses on Pennsylvania State Standards and higher levels of student achievement, through building literacy and information-literacy skills. It is the library's mission to ensure that all students become information-literate, knowing how to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively in order to succeed in life.

    A wide variety of books and media is provided to Corl Street students, students' parents, and staff. Teachers at Corl Street have the opportunity to meet with the librarian regularly to plan and teach units of study. Our library collection supports the State College Area School District's curriculum and has an excellent variety of books for our students to check out. Materials in our library are selected following the guidelines of the State College Area School Board’s Policy for the Selection of Library Materials.

    The library is open almost every school day from 8:00-3:30pm. Students visit the library during their scheduled library periods and for additional classes of research. They may also visit the library on their own, or in small groups, with their teacher’s permission.

    We have a large collection of picture books, which are marked Everybody. These are fiction books and anyone may select these books to read or to have read to them. Students of all ages are encouraged to take an Everybody book each week, since they make terrific Book Buddy books. We have a second section of books marked Fiction. These books are for students who are ready to read chapter books. The fiction section is sub-divided into Early Fiction, which contains chapter books more appropriate for beginning readers. We also have our Nonfiction section for the general school population, as well as a Junior Nonfiction collection for early readers. We have a large selection of Magazines from which students in second grade or above may borrow. Biographies are in a separate area, as are our Reference materials. We have a substantial collection of Resources for Teachers and also have a Parent Resource Shelf, which contains many books donated by the Corl Street PTO.


    Students in kindergarten generally may borrow one book until November and then they may borrow two books. Students in first grade generally may borrow 2 books, and those in second grade through fifth grade may borrow three or more materials, including one magazine, if they wish. Books are checked out for one week and may be renewed by placing them in the renewal basket when returning to the library the following week. We often borrow books from other libraries in the school district, if needed. If a student forgets his/her library books, s/he may continue to check out additional books, but we ask that the books please be kept in school until the others have been returned.

    Students in first grade and above are strongly encouraged to check out one book which they can read on their own. Before leaving the library, children should try the Five-Finger-Test, in order to ensure that appropriate materials are going home. Of course, if a child discovers after checking out a book and reading a few pages that it is not a “good fit”, s/he may come back to the library and exchange it! Overall, the main emphasis on book selection is for children to choose books that will be read and be enjoyed.
    **If you would like to read about SCASD's Student Borrowing, Access and Choice please click here.

    Lost or damaged books:

    We encourage children to keep their books in a safe place at home. However, we know that accidents do happen and books are sometimes lost. If a book has been permanently lost or damaged beyond repair, the book must be paid for, following the Policy for Overdue, Damaged and Lost Library Materials adopted by the State College Area School District. This ensures that our library collection is maintained in a positive fashion.

    Searching for books:

    Children may use the computers in the library to search for materials using our online catalog. Children and parents may also access our collection or that of any other library in the district from home, using the SCASD web pages.
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