• Units will not necessarily be done in this exact order:
    Unit Essential Questions
    Measurement How are the attributes (length, mass, volume, density) of an object measured?
    Why is it important to use a common set of units?
    Cells and Microscopes What is a compound microscope and how is it used?
    What is a cell?
    What are the parts of a cell and what purposes do they serve?
    What processes occur at a cellular level?
    DNA and Genetics How are traits passed from one generation to the next?
    What is DNA and of what is it made?
    What predictions can we make about the traits of offspring based on the parents?
    Classification of Living Things How do scientists group and name living things?
    What is a dichotomous key and how does it help scientists?
    What is required for something to be 'alive'?
    Bacteria/Viruses/Diseases What is a virus and what are bacteria?
    How are diseases transmitted?
    Animals/Comparative Anatomy What characteristics to all animals have in commons?
    In what ways do animals vary?
    Why are different animals so different?
    Minerals and Rocks How are minerals formed?
    How can minerals/rocks be identified?
    How can rocks/minerals be used?
    How do rocks formed and how does that influence their properties?
    Geology How do we represent the shape of the land?
    What processes influence the shape of the land?
    Why does Central PA look the way it does?
    Climate What are the components of climate?
    What processes influence climate?
    What types of climates exist on Earth and what causes them?
    How has mankind influenced the climate?
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