• Units will not necessarily be done in this exact order:
    Unit Essential Questions
    Science Investigations What are the characteristics of a systematic observation and how is one conducted?
    What are the characteristics of an experiment and how is one conducted?
    In science, what roles do observations and assumptions play?
    What is the "scientific method"?
    Properties of Matter How do we measure/quantify matter?
    How is matter classified?
    What processes/changes underlie the properties of matter?
    How can matter be analyzed?
    Atoms and the Periodic Table What is an element?
    How is the periodic table organized?
    What is the structure of an atom?
    Chemical Reactions How do atoms interact to make various compounds?
    What are the types of bonds and how are the similar/different?
    How can chemical reactions be used in studying the world around us and solving problems?
    What are acids and what are bases?
    Electronics What is electricity?
    How can electricity be used to do work?
    What qualities of electricity do we measure and how are they related?
    What is a circuit and how do they work?
    How are circuits designed to complete specific tasks?
    Motion How do we measure motion?
    What are the types of change in motion?
    What is momentum?
    Forces What are Newton's Laws and what do they mean?
    What are the major forces at work on our scale?
    Simple Machines What is mechanical advantage?
    What are the types of simple machines and how do they work?
    In what ways can simple machines help make life easier?
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