• Specials Schedule
    Library Cart DAY 1: Library (Davis): 2:00-2:50 Library Cart
    Don't forget to bring your Library books!
    paint DAY 2: Art (Latorre): 2:00-2:50 paint
    Sporting Equipment DAY 3: P.E. (Moriarta): 2:00-2:50 Sporting Equipment
    Don't forget to bring your sneakers! 
    science DAY 4STEM (Gonzalez): 2:00-2:50 Beaker
    Music Notes DAY 5: Music (Mazer): 2:00-2:50 Music Notes
    basketball RECESS: 10:05-10:20 basketball
    green appleSNACK: 10:20-10:30 green apple 
    Soccer Ball  RECESS: 11:45-12:15 Soccer Ball  
    Pizza   LUNCH: 12:15-12:45 Pizza
Last Modified on August 17, 2022