Welcome Letter  

    All sixth grade students (divided by homeroom) 
    The 6th grade music curriculum is an eclectic exploration of music.  The students will experience drumming with African style drums, listening to various styles, cultures, and genres of music, creating movement to world music, composing original accompaniments, studying African and Caribbean musical styles, learning about the historical and musical significance of the Medieval and Renaissance periods along with dancing, playing small percussion, fine tuning vocal production depending on covid-19 requirements, examining instrumental differences, playing accompaniments on the auto harp, building listening and theory skills, as well as many other activities aligned with the school district music curriculum and Pennsylvania musical standards.  
    • Drumming and World Music - cultural and music exploration 
    • Music Theory - rhythms, treble clef notes, accidentals, meter, and more
    • Medieval Music - history and music exploration
    • Renaissance Music - history and music exploration 
    • Instruments of the Band and Orchestra - instrument observation and listening to various examples
    • Orff Instruments and small percussion incorporated throughout - putting it all together 
    Room 451 and at home remotely 

    Each 6th grade class will attend 6th grade music two times a cycle for the entire year. 




    • Pencil with eraser
    • Music Folder with two pockets or space inside your accordian binder to keep work
    • Headphones 
    • Always bring your chromebook and charger 
Last Modified on August 17, 2021