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    Cart numberAssigned to....
    HO 9
    5th grade Chromebooks
    HO 10
    5th grade Chromebooks
    HO 16
    5th grade Chromebooks
    HO 102
    4th grade laptops
    HO 103
    3rd grade laptops
    HO 104
    Learning Sup. laptops
    HO 105specialists laptops
    HO 106  
    shared laptops
    HO library
    LE 101
    2nd grade iPads
    LE 102
    1st grade iPads
    LE 103
    Kindergarten iPads
    LE 104  
    Specialists iPads
    LE 105  
    Laptop cart
    LE 106
    LE library  
Last Modified on May 23, 2016