• Acceptable Use Guidelines


    • Access to inappropriate material as defined by school policy is prohibited.
    • Generation or transmission of any material in violation of federal, state or district regulation is prohibited, including violation of copyrights and using threatening, obscene or racist language or material.
    • Vandalism, including any attempt to harm any hardware or software, or the data of another user of the network, is prohibited.  This also includes the uploading or creation of viruses, worms or trojans, and unauthorized attempted entry to any computer system.
    • Respect for the rights and work of others is expected at all times.



    Password Guidelines..

    • Password should be kept SECRET.
    • It is considered a violation of district policy to give access to your e-mail account to someone else.
    • It is considered a violation of district policy to make unauthorized use of someone else's e-mail account.


Last Modified on April 27, 2016