• 1.  Know your child's interests and guide him/her towards pursuing knowledge and experience in those interest areas.  Whether it is a love of math or fly fishing or art doesn't matter... you never know where the spark of interest could take them in life.
    2.  Practice the times tables with your child until they have quick and correct recall.  This is so easy to do in the car, while eating breakfast, before s/he can watch TV, etc..
    3.  Remind your child to check his/her assignments. We go over them together and they are responsible for completing them.  Sometimes kids need a reminder before it becomes habit.
    4.  Please do not do your child's homework.  As tempting as this may be (especially with projects), it does not help your child to gain a sense of confidence in his/her own capabilities.  It also doesn't allow growth as an individual nor does it promote the learning of responsibility.   They need to experience success and failure in life in order to know how each feels so that they can grow from the experiences.
    5.  Do, however, help your child with his/her work by asking constructive and guiding questions.  (Also, allow for a quiet, clutter-free work space in order for them to concentrate.)
         Is this your best work?  Did you take your time and enjoy the 
         What are your sources for research?
         Did you read back over your work?  (I welcome the help with
            reminding them to do this!)
         Did you capitalize, punctuate, and spell words to the best of your
         Is there anything you would do differently?
         How challenging is this book you are reading?  What do you like
            about it?  What do you not like about it?  How do you  connect
            with the story?
    6.  Encourage the practice of math games, IXL, geography, word or brain games.   Perhaps before they play their own video games, you can have them spend 15 minutes on one of these choices.
    7. All of the kids will learn the 50 states and capitals.  Please help in the memorization of spelling and location of the states/capitals at home.
Last Modified on September 4, 2022