• Instruments of the Band and Orchestra
    Here are some sites to explore the orchestra as a whole. To take a more in-depth look at the instrument families and to complete classwork, use the links under "Orchestra Unit" on the left navigation bar. Let's start with an introduction to the Instrument families found in the Orchestra. Click here to get started. 
    Philharmonia Orchestra - Click on each instrument to see a video about it and hear it played. 
    Classics for kids - Click on each section of the orchestra on the diagram. Then click the Play button at the bottom to hear just that section. Click the conductor and the associated play button to hear the entire orchestra together.   If the link is not working please refer to the image below courtesy of classicsforkids.com
    The Instruments of the Orchestra  
    DSO Kids - Click on each section of the orchestra. This will open up a list of instruments within that section. Click each instrument to read facts, look at it from different angles, and hear it being played. 
Last Modified on August 8, 2018