• Corl Street Elementary School PTO: Committee & Volunteer Descriptions

    Cougar Cat Run (September)

    The Cougar Cat Run puts the "fun" in fundraising. Students are challenged to run or walk for fifteen minutes around the schoolyard, while parents and supporters cheer them on. In 2015, we raised more than $20,000 thanks to generous corporate sponsors, parents, relatives, and other supporters!

    Field Day BINGO (May)

    This is a student event held during the school day. Students jump, throw and run their way through stations earning marks for their BINGO card. When a student gets a BINGO they receive a prize (usually a lollipop, juice drink or freeze pop). Volunteers may help with paperwork and/or set up and man stations.

    Scholastic Book Fair (October)

    This is both a fundraiser and a great way to keep our kids reading. Volunteers help with setting up books, assisting with book selection, and collecting payments during the book fair.

    Classroom/Flower/Butterfly Gardens (All Year)

    The Corl Street classroom garden, located at the rear of the school near the trailer, is used as an educational teaching tool during the growing season. The flower garden is located at the Corl Street sign. Volunteers assist in planning, planting, weeding, watering and other maintenance requirements for the garden.

    5th Grade Party(May/June)

    Organize the end of year party for the 5th graders.

    Back to School Lunch for Teachers/Staff (August)

    The committee provides food and refreshments for the back to school luncheon for our dedicated teachers and staff.

    Ice Cream Social (August)

    A traditional fun welcome back party at the very beginning of the year for parents, students, and teachers.

    Author’s Visit (May)

    This is a great opportunity for our children to meet and talk with a professional author or illustrator of children’s literature. Volunteers will help with arrangements for the author’s visit to the school.

    Book Exchange (April)

    The annual book exchange is a great way to recycle your gently used books. Volunteers help organize and monitor the book exchange.

    Directory (Published in October)

    The Corl Street Directory contains students' phone numbers, addresses, and teacher information to facilitate contact between Corl Street Families.

    The Corl Street Expo (February)

    Students get the opportunity to display their talents in Science, Literature, Art and Music at this annual event. They get to display either a science or art or literature project or perform (music, dance, magic show or anything else). Volunteers help with publicity, registration and exhibit setup.

    Family Night at Penn Skates (February)

    Socialize with other Corl Street families while having a great time roller skating! Volunteers assist the chair in planning the event. General Mills Box Top Collection- Families collect Box Tops and Ink Cartridges throughout the year and drop them in the box in the lobby, which translates to money for our school (the chair sends the Box Tops to GM).

    Newsletter (Monthly)

    The Corl Street Newsletter is published monthly for the school community. The coordinator collects items to be published and then writes the copy and designs  each edition. 

    Rewards (All Year)

    This committee will review and implement new programs such as Giant, Target, Papa Johns, and Hoss's.

    Spirit Sale (Fall/Spring)

    The Spirit Sale offers children and their families the opportunity to purchase clothing, etc. emblazoned with our mascot and logo. Volunteers will assist with sorting orders and delivering them to classrooms.


    Welcome new families and provide incentives for families to attend PTO meetings.

    Teacher/Staff Appreciation

    The PTO shows appreciation to our teachers & staff several times throughout the year. Volunteers will be contacted to bring in baked goods or other food and to help with planning.

    Yearbook Committee

    Volunteers will help by taking classroom photos, proofreading, creating collage pages and “brainstorming” to ensure a terrific yearbook.

Last Modified on August 31, 2016