• Helper of the Day Sharing

    Helper of the Day Sharing

    Sharing will begin once we have had 2 more rotations of classroom helper. The Helper of the Day is asked to share something special that tells about them. Please help your child prepare to share by finding a toy, story, a memory or an accomplishment. You can help your child with this special time by talking about things that are important to your family. Sharing is a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better Please leave all electronics at home. A photograph, newspaper clipping, an award, etc. that aids in the sharing would be wonderful, but all that’s really needed is a special story. Families have emailed photos or short videos to assist with the sharing. In the past, children have shared things such as favorite children books, vacation pictures, family pictures, and collections. We will begin our sharing with Angela and it will progress down the alphabet chart by first name--Anton, Areli, Aubrey, Charlotte, Claire, Dorie, Finley, Harper, James, Juliana, Kyla, Matthew, Michael, Morgan, Owen, Timothy, Wendy, Zoey.

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  • Birthday Snacks

    Birthday Snacks

    If you’d like to send a birthday snack, please let me know at least one day ahead of time. Please keep the snack simple, easy to serve, and the same variety for all of the children. We can do half-birthdays as well for those birthdays that fall in the summer months. Birthday invitations cannot be delivered her at school. Please remind your child not to discuss parties here at school. Unfortunately, many times, all children cannot be included in the parties and children feel left out and those hosting become upset that everyone cannot be included. Thank you! :)

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  • Snacks


    During the morning, we will have a snack. Some days snack time is a designated time that we all have snack at the same time and other days snack is a "working snack" where we will eat our snack while we work. Snack is optional. We are asking for families to donate items for our snack time. Dry, easy to serve snacks such as goldfish crackers, pretzels, Cheez-Its, Teddy Grahams, and dry cereal are perfect snack examples to contribute to our class. These donations will be stored in our classroom. When our supply becomes low, a request for additional snacks will be sent on our weekly Kindergarten News.

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Last Modified on January 5, 2020