• Seventh Grade General Music

    Every Other Day – 18 weeks    

    Mrs. McAninch

    [email protected]




    Playing lead /melody

    Playing chordal accompaniments for singing


    Assessments–performance quizzes and tests



    ·     Posture

    ·     Pitch accuracy

    ·   Projection

    ·     Energy

    ·     Breathing

    ·     Listening



    Music History

    ·     Baroque and Classical periods

    ·     Characteristics of music in these periods

    ·     Performance and Listening

    ·     Vocabulary

    ·     Related history

    Assessments–class work, performances and tests


    Musical Theatre

    ·     Musicals and components of musical theatre

    ·     Performing scenes from a musical

    ·     Project –create an informative and artistic project that reflects interest in a musical or musical theatre topic

    Assessments – participation, performance, project

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