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     Park Forest Middle School Math League


    Maroon Tryout Results for Meet #1 

    Gray Tryout Results for Meet #1 

    • Check both links to find your name.  This will be your team for the remainder of the year.  Both teams are meant to be equally competitive.
    • Make sure you know if you are a Regular or an Alternate for this meet.  Remember this changes for each meet depending on the tryout we do right before the meet.
    • Make sure you know your categories.  These are the three categories you will compete in for the meet.  Again, this changes for each meet.  I would make sure you really study your categories.  I recommend using the packets that can be found under the "Practice Packets" link.
      • Category 1 is Mystery.  Sorry, this is the only category you can't study for.
      • Category 2 is Geometry.
      • Category 3 is Number Theory.
      • Category 4 is Arithmetic.
      • Category 5 is Algebra.

    Tryout Link for Meet #1 
    • Please complete the tryout by Saturday at 5:00 PM.   Make sure to do all the categories.  You have 10 minutes for each one.  Once you start, the timer does not stop, so make sure you have 10 minutes available to devote to each category.
    • No Calculator allowed. 
    • No help allowed.  
    • Click on your name and your password is the first 3 letters of your school email.  If your link does not work you can use Extra 1, 2 or 3 (No password).  Just email me which one you used, so I can match you with your score.  Thanks!

    Welcome to PFMS Math League! Below you will find information about the 2022-23 PFMS Math League Program. 

    Coach: Susan Owens smo17@scasd.org 

    Please fill out the Math League Interest Form to make sure you get future emails.  Please make sure to fill out this form as this is the best way to make sure I get emails correctly.

    Complete the 22-23 permission form and return to Coach Owens (Room 419) by October 12!

    We love to have snacks at each practice!  Please sign up here to volunteer to bring in snacks for one of our practices.  Plan on snacks for about 30 kids.

    Competition Math programs at PFMS: 

    Math League: This is the official PFMS site dedicated to Math League! Math League is open to all students who enjoy math - no prior experience is needed. Explore below and the tabs on the left for more information. We hope to start the IMLEM season in mid to late October but are still finalizing details (even regarding whether competitions can be in-person or will need to be held virtually). 

    Practices are from 3:45 to 4:45 some Wednesday afternoons in the PFMS commons. Expected start date is October 19, 2021


    Math League Tentative Practice Schedule

    Note: Due to the 6th Grade Fun-Night October 26 practice is canceled.

    Practice Date Practice Times Topics
    Wed, October 19, 2022 3:45 - 4:45 PM Meet 1 - Categories 3 and 4 
    Wed, November 2, 2022 3:35 - 4:45 PM Math-A-Thon
    Wed, November 9, 2022  3:35 - 4:45 PM Meet 1 - Categories 2 and 5 
    Thur, November 10, 2022 From Home Online Meet 1 Tryout 


    Math League Tentative Meet Schedule   

    Meet Date  Meet Location Meet Times
    Wed, November 16, 2022  Mt. Nittany Middle School  4:00 - 6:30 pm
     Wed, December 14, 2021  Park Forest Middle School  4:00 - 6:30 pm
     Sat, January 28, 2022  Penn State Altoona  10:00 - 12:30 am
     Wed, February 22, 2022  Our Lady of Victory  4:00 - 6:30 pm
     Wed, March 29, 2022  Young Scholars  6:00 - 8:30 pm


    Math Madness: Math Madness is a casual and informal competition program.  Mr. Ahearn will be running it this year, so if you want more information, feel free to email him at ama56@scasd.org

    Mathcounts: Mathcounts is a club for our most serious and dedicated mathletes.  Each year, we work hard to advance to the state and even to the national competition.  We are able to bring 12 students to our first competition. The school tryout will be on Friday, December 2, in the MNMS library from 4 - 7 pm.  If you join Mathcounts, you should expect to do extra competition math independently for approximately one hour per night as well as attend practices (most likely in Room 226 at MNMS) on Friday afternoons from 4:00-6:00) beginning December 10 through mid-March.  It’s a lot of work, but an absolutely amazing experience!  This year, Mathcounts is hoping to hold in-person competitions, but are reserving the possibility that they will be virtual depending on the state of the pandemic. You can also check out the official Mathcounts website to learn more about this program. 


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